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The Hammock Park at Blaafjell is spectacular to say the least, and gives visitors a nature experience that they will not soon forget. Blaafjell is a popular destination on Sulafjellet in Sula municipality, approx. 40 minutes' walk from the car park at Vasskommen.

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Sulafjellet og Blaafjell

A little about the area

Blaafjell is a popular destination for several reasons. The short trip of around 40 minutes takes you up to a great vantage point that offers a panoramic view of Aalesund city in the north and Breidsundet in the west. A good and wide gravel path has been built all the way up, and therefore makes Blaafjell an accessible and suitable hiking destination even for children as young as 3-4 years of age. There are also alternative routes for those more used to mountains, and who rather appreciate a somewhat more variable terrain. The hammock park itself is sheltered and unobtrusive in relation to the tourist traffic elsewhere in the area. In total, there is room for 6 guests at a time. On a fine-weather evening in May, you will be able to enjoy a majestic play of colors from here, as the sun dips on the horizon before setting into the sea. Blaafjell represents short-travel joy, where you can enjoy the experience of two worlds at the same time. Sitting up in the mountains and studying the thousands of lights that surround Aalesund when night falls has a charm of its own. From Blaafjell there are many trail options further up and around Sulafjellet. A trip to Eltrane via Grauthornet is a trip you should treat yourself to when you first visit the area. This round trip takes about 4 hours from Blaafjell and offers a feeling of the high mountains, despite the mountain's geographical location far out towards the coast.

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Map over the area


Roules for the park

This is the standard on the Von track that runs from the car park all the way up to Blaafjell and Von

  • All activity in the park is at your own risk
  • Arrangements for hammocks in the park must only be used by those who have booked an agreement for this.
  • All rights of way also apply in the park
  • No one must empty, leave, store or transport waste in such a way that it can appear unsightly or cause damage or inconvenience to the environment. This applies to the entire mountain.
  • Damage to rigging and construction must be reported to appointed contact persons - Tel: 46779770 / 91388791
  • When booking, you dispose of the entire park area. Individual seats cannot be booked
  • Each individual reservation is valid for 23 hours, between 13:00 and at 12:00 the following day.
  • When using a fire pan, painstaking assessments must be made in relation to the weather and fire risk.
  • Local, as well as national guidelines regarding bonfires must be followed.
  • By sending us photos from your stay, you also give Sula Outdoor the right to use them in further marketing.